Why technology is good

Why technology is good

Why technology is good, Technology made the world a global village in the past centuries.

Evolution of technology is the outcome of long years of hard work and experiments by mankind.

We can say that evolution of technology has begun from the stone age.


Why technology is good

Man learned to make everything better in his life with the help of technology by inventing and upgrading everything that he can in his run for survival, wealth, and comfort.

Why technology is good…may seem like a ridiculous question… the development in day to day life of man is the gift of technology.

The improvement in lifespan, comfort, and communication of mankind is the achievement by advanced technology.

For example, we can see robotic surgeries in medicine and smartphones useful for household chore management in addition to business transactions are available for a common man due to the research that was done to improve and upgrade technology.

Why technology is good?

Technology is useful for farmers to reduce their toil in cultivation by advanced machinery and timely awareness regarding weather conditions, nature of soil and steps to be taken to develop quality and profit in cultivation.

Technology helps traders to update their knowledge about market and advancements in the quality of manufacture of goods and marketing techniques every second.

In the current situation, technology is helping common Indian to reduce his financial stress during demonetization.

Technology is helpful to students and researchers in exchange of information, gaining knowledge, developing and presenting their skills in a smarter way.

Why technology is good?

Why technology is good,  one can get the best answer by observing the day to day revolutions in the communication systems.

Technology plays a key role in communicating a message faster besides making it a great memory for the sender and recipient.

Technological advancements in social media proved to be stronger in some cases like the impeachment of Egyptian president some years ago.

Technology is a prominent cause of a faster revival of normal conditions when natural calamities or accidents occur.

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