What treats pink eye

What treats pink eye

What treats pink eye

What treats pink eye or conjunctivitis, this question can be aroused among many people. This infection is also called stink eye.

Simple home remedies can treat this common bacterial ailment. Ofloxacin drops are suggested by physicians to treat this infection. Avoid contact lenses while suffering from pink eye and wear glasses.

Warm or cold compressors can soothe your eyes while pink eye attack.

Pink eye may be viral, bacterial or allergic. Discharge from eyes and swelling may differ in these three different conditions.

What treats a pink eye naturally, is a point where more research should be done.

Natural remedies for stink eye are consuming cod liver oil, honey and rinsing the eyes with colloidal silver drops or salt water.

What treats pink eye

What treats pink eye

Keeping raw potato slices also can soothe your eyes. Generally, pink eye can be cured within five days using antibiotic drops.

Repeated pink eye infection may be a symptom of vitamin A or vitamin B deficiency. This ailment can be prevented by taking cod liver oil supplements.

To treat and soothe your eyes when suffering from pink eye, use separate compressors for both eyes as using common compressor may hike the infection.

What treats pink eye

When discharge is high it is better to use cold compressors instead of warm compressors as warm compressors may pressurize your eyes Use a clean damp cloth for cleaning your eyes and clean the inner surface of eyes first and then the eyelids.

Avoid going to daycare, school or work until the condition gets better. keep your towels, handkerchiefs, bed sheets and bed covers separately. Maintain clean and hygienic habits.

When home treatments prove futile, consult your doctor. Consult your doctor when the following symptoms are noticed:

  • When eye irritation increases
  • When swelling of eyes persist even after home remedies are taken
  • When discharge of fluids increase even after eye drops are used by suggestion of doctors

To conclude, clean habits can prevent conjunctivitis and cure it faster.

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