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Cancer drug AR-12 may help in COVID-19 treatment

Researchers in the US have discovered that an experimental cancer drug called AR-12 inhibits the Covid-19 virus from infecting cells and replicating. AR-12 has been studied extensively as both an anti-cancer and anti-viral drug and showed that it is effective against viruses including Zika, mumps, measles, rubella, chikungunya, drug-resistant HIV and influenza. “AR-12 works in […]

Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network to track COVID-19 vaccine

A national expert group on COVID-19 vaccine has been constituted to guide the government on prioritisation of population groups for vaccination, selection of vaccine candidates, delivery mechanism of the vaccine, cold chain and associated infrastructure for roll-out of COVID-19 vaccination The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN) system, which provides real-time information on vaccine stocks and […]

Coronavirus | India tops global list of COVID-19 recoveries

India has overtaken the U.S. and become the top country in terms of global COVID-19 recoveries, said the Union Health Ministry on Saturday, adding that the country has reported the highest number of total recoveries, with more than 42 lakh (42,08,431) COVID-19 patients having recovered. “India now accounts for close to 19% of the total […]

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