Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon good for weight loss, though it has no specific properties to burn the fat, say the scientists. One serving of sockeye or coho Salmon provides 114 to 144 calories which support nutritional requirements of niacin, vitamin b6, a3 and omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon is rich in lean nutrients which prevent obesity and heart attacks.

Salmon is good for weight loss, though it has no magical powers that cut down fat instantly, but supports your balanced diet.

One-half of your plate with fresh or healthy cooked cereals and veggies and one serving of salmon and fruit show better results of your diet and workouts.

Replacing junk foods and red meats with salmon is always a good move to lose your weight. Salmon helps to reduce your weight in a healthier way when served along with whole grains, quinoa, barley and whole wheat pasta.

Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon oil serves well to reduce the risk of diabetes and lower blood pressure.

It is safe to have salmon regularly unlike the tuna or other sea foods which show a high risk of mercury levels as fresh salmon have negligible levels of mercury.

It is better to prefer fresh salmon fish to farm grown salmon fish as the risk of mercury level is almost zero.

The indications of weight loss depend on the ratio of calories consumed to calories burnt through work out.

Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon good for weight loss

Salmon is good for weight loss when a risk of mercury levels is considered. Researchers indicate that farmed salmon has a chance of contamination with polychlorinated biphenyls that cause developmental problems in children, cancer, and liver damage.

PCBs don’t degrade in the environment and form residues in rivers and lakes where salmon are farmed. They remain in fatty tissues in the fish.

These tips can reduce your risk of consumption of PCBs: Throw away all organs, remove all skin, cut away the dark fat along the backbone and discard all belly fat along the bottom of the salmon.

Bake or broil the fish on a rack or grill to remove drippings. This is the safe way of cooking and consuming salmon to burn fats without risk of mercury levels.

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